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Slick Trick Broadhead Magnum D6 100gr # Std6- 100m


: 100_GRAIN

A super-short broadhead designed to rival the flight and cutting diameter of mechanical heads with the confidence and reliability that only comes with a fixed-blade design. With 1 ?' of cutting diameter this four-blade, low-profile design provides devastating results and is the perfect design to handle the blistering speeds of today's top-end bows.

D6 Magnum; specifically designed to work with the exclusive thread pattern of the Easton® Deep Six™ inserts, used exclusively in today’s micro diameter arrow shafts.

NOTE: The D6 Magnum has special threading that will only fit the new Easton® Deep Six™ Insert.

Technical Specs

  • Weight - 100 Grain
  • Ferrule - Super Steel
  • Tip - 4 Edge, Bone Splitting
  • Bladelock - Alcatraz
  • Flight - Field Point
  • Total Cut - 2 1/4"
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