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New Archery Products Broadhead Spitfire 125gr 3bld 3pk # 60- 245


Spitfire is undoubtedly the most trusted name in mechanical broadheads. Spitfires fly straight with pinpoint accuracy and perform better than any other mechanical broadhead thanks to our ultra-sharp Diamize® blades. Renown NAP durability ensures that the Spitfire will stand up under the toughest conditions. The practice blades mean you can save your super-sharp blades for the big day.

Technical Specs

  • Patented micro grooved ferrule greatly increases flight accuracy and penetration power. No other broadhead in the world flies as true as the Spitfire, period.
  • The Diamize™ sharpening process creates the sharpest blades in the industry for massive hemorrhaging and knock down power. They are the sharpest broadhead blades ever created. Sharper blades means quicker kills.
  • Legendary Trophy Tip® point is specifically designed for maximum bone splitting power and unbelieveable durability.
  • Weight - 125 Grain
  • Cutting Diameter - 1 1/2"
  • 3 Blade
  • 3 Pack


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