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Hha Sportz Ez Tapes For Optimizer Sight # Ez- Tapes


R.D.S. is a patented sight in tape system that eliminates the need for multiple pins or crosshairs to shoot various distances with a vertical bow, crossbow or firearm. It allows you to focus on a single dot or reticule, dial to the distance of the target and shoot. The clutter and confusion of 3, 5 and 7 pins on a bow or 5 or 6 lines in a scope are removed and replaced with one aiming point. This results in increased accuracy and higher confidence in the field and on the range.

How it Works

For years, archers with a single pin sight were forced to manually sight in with a blank piece of tape and a pen or pencil. Though effective, the process was tedious and time consuming. By applying some basic mathematics, we discovered a faster, more precise method of calibration and introduced the EZ-TAPE system to our Optimizer Lite bow sight several years ago. It was then applied to the Ultra Series and Speed Dial for the crossbow and finally the Horizon for firearms.

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