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Federal Premium High Overall Competition Target 12ga # 7.5 2- 3/4 ' 1oz 25rd Box # Hoa12hc175


Federal Premium High Overall Competition Target 12GA #HOA12HC175

  • #7.5 Shot Size
  • 2-3/4" Shell Length
  • 1oz Load
  • 1290 fps
  • 25-Round Box

  Federal Premium high overall for skeet/sporting clays/trap shooting. Features brass head makes resizing easier; target shotshell primer; integral base wad and tapered hull design allow for more reloads with a wide selection of wads; one-piece Podium wad provides uniform compression to protect the shot and produce the most consistent patterns; eight-segment crimp and hard, high-antimony lead shot resist deformation and deliver more energy downrange.

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