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TRU Fire Edge Buckle Foldback Release BLK #EGBBLKF


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The Edge line of releases is designed with a smaller than dime sized head. Even though it has been scaled back to suit your tastes, the Edge retains the functionality and benefits you expect from Tru-Fire. The Edge release line utilizes a linear motion bearing which delivers an extremely smooth trigger feel. Pull the trigger back to open the jaws, and let up on the trigger to close the jaws. Also new on the Edge’s is a lockdown set screw for your length adjustment. Once you have the correct length just simply tighten the set screw and the length will be locked in place. This small product innovation is a perfect example of how we continue to engineer products that will help you become a better shot. 100% American Made.

Technical Specs

  • Black leather foldback Evolution buckle strap
  • Over 1” length adjustment which can be locked in place


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